What helps black hair grow fast?

10 magical Tips For Long Black Hair

What helps black hair grow fast?
What helps black hair grow fast?

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Though today it is all the hair colour style to be seen everywhere, it goes without saying that long black thick hair is a cherished hair type for many. Those who have it must be knowing its value, those who want to grow the same, need some special care to get that jet black, shiny long hair. There had been many opinions regarding this rare hair type and that it needs a special set of hair care as it is different from other hair types. But till date there has been no such scientific reason why black hair would suffer a lack of growth in comparison to other hair types. Rather, if a healthy hair practice is maintained, there cannot be any obstacle standing in the mid-way to stop the hair growth. Prevention of hair loss from unhealthy food habits and avoiding negligence in hair care can bring the same effect to the black haired people as they do in other hair types.

Here are few tips following which you can grow your black hair longer and stronger.

    1. Give a Gentle Care:

      It is always better to give a gentle care to your rare black hair which is undoubtedly a delicate possession of yours. It needs your time, it needs your pampering and a gentle pair of hands to handle its colour and texture. With any rough handling, first the colour would get damaged and next your hair shaft. So be careful while choosing a shampoo as most of them contains sulfates, you need to get one without it as this chemicals are more harsh on your hair in the name of cleaning it. Detangle your hair with care by avoiding brushes when your hair gets rigid tangles. Use your fingers instead to untie them. Use of the brush in such situations may damage your hair further and result in good amount of hair loss.

    2. Get Regular Trims

      This is the fallacy that many of us fall in. Though this may sound anti-productive, it is true that if you want your black hair to grow longer and get rid of those dry, damaged split ends causing immeasurable damage to your hair, you need a regular trimming routine. To take care of its length, define your trim by removing only 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 inch of the hair, but not more than that, unless you drop the idea of having it that long. It may be a common scene that the professional stylist would insist on cutting off multiple inches of hair each time you walk in, but you have to stick t your point as your hair won’t grow longer if that is done. So it is better to find a professional who would either understand exactly how long the hair needs to be removed or you can learn to trim your hair yourself. Now for the intervals it is all dependent on the composition of chemicals you are using and their after effect they leave on your hair and this goes parallel with your daily routine. In any case you may need to go for a trim anywhere from either every six weeks to every six months. But the interval would get longer if you can give better care for your hair on a regular basis.

  1. Choose the Right Moisturizing Products:

    While selecting the hair care products it is necessary to see that they are specifically made only for black hair as black hair is more dry and delicate. It is also important to moisturize the hair regularly after each cleansing.

  2. Conditioning:

    Every hair type needs Conditioning treatments which is the key to build the strength of the hair while maintaining its moisture level. Mostly protein treatments are better to make up for the loss of protein due to chemical usage. Protein would replenish the hair and stop it from further breakage. If you are reluctant to use chemical conditioners, try adding a raw egg to your conditioner to balance the chemical with natural nutrition. It will work as a very nourishing moisture treatment and keep your hair soft and shiny.

  3. Lesser Manipulation and Staying Natural

    The real truth about black hair is going as natural as possible. The less you manipulate your black hair, the more it would flourish. This comes with the next step, which is protective styling, which says more manipulation would cause more damage to your hair. Perming, colouring and other chemical treatments snatch away the natural texture of your hair, and you end up with a mess with a very lesser volume even before aging.

  4. Use Protective Styling

    Once you are successful in growing your hair to a certain length, hold your temptation to display its length at frequent intervals. It is fine to let it fall loose once in a while, but a Protective hair styling with keeping your hair ends tied up would preserve that prized possession as these only lead to split end while rubbing against cloths, car seats and getting exposed to dust and dirt of the atmosphere.

  5. Hot Oil Massage

    Sometimes a hot oil massage with almond, coconut or eucalyptus oil can result in strengthening your hair adding some more life to it.

  6. Avoid Heat

    Using flat or curling iron occasionally is fine but with a low heat, it is always better to go for styles that needs less heat and goes well with gentle styling methods like wet sets, wraps, and twists.

  7. Use the Right Accessories

    while looking at those tempting hair accessories, avoid those which can hurt your hair. Accessories like curlers, head bands, scrunchies, and barrettes has to be strictly avoided during sleep. These would lead towards hair breakage because of unnecessary pressure.

  8. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

    A healthy body will have automatically healthy hair growth. Too much of mental stress can cause alarming hair loss. A beautiful hair is a direct manifestation of a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy food with enough protein and vegetables. But what matters to quite an extent is the intake of fluid in your body, especially water.

To get rid of the suffering from dry and brittle hair, try a healthy diet fighting vitamin deficiencies and other health complications. Try to keep your cool and keep a close touch with nature to have that natural long, black beautiful hair.

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